Fabric R&D | Designer FAQs
  • How do I sign up?
    It is quick! Your business email address will be your username, that should be easy to remember. We will ask for your basic information including the mailing address where you would like to have your Fabrium selections sent.
    Do I need to pay a membership fee?
    There is no fee, Fabrium is a 100% free service for you and your colleauges.
    I like certain designs but not sure if I need them all. Can I save them for later?
    Yes, you can add selected designs to your “favorites” along with your personal notes, styles numbers or even a smiley face.
    How do I follow up on my selections and questions such as quality & design, sample or production orders?
    Fabrium is a platform between you and the mill that focuses on finding the right design and quality that works for you. You will not be able to place sample or production orders on Fabrium. You will be able to find the right contacts listed under every mill profile for further inquiries.
    How long will it take to receive my selections?
    Your selections will be instantly routed to the mills. It will depend on the individual mill’s processing times and service performance.
  • Can we have multiple users within the same company?
    Yes, there is no limit on user accounts.
    I know exactly what fabric I am looking for, how can I find it on Fabrium?
    Easily! With our filter criteria, you can be on your way to finding a Black & White paisley jacquard that weighs between 240 to 260 gsm, under 7.00/meter with maximum of 7 weeks lead time and a 1000 yard minimum in no time. You can even narrow your search by adding more keywords such as; content, country of origin, in-stock, sample minimums.
    Can I search only within certain preferred mills?
    Yes, you can preset your favorite mills to view their matching designs first.
    I need information for costing and production details for my Fabrium selections, how can I receive this?
    Every design will come with basic details found on standard Fabric Detail Sheets.
    Can I contact the mill directly?
    Absolutely. You have no obligation to go through Fabrium and you can contact them by email or telephone provided at their mill profile.
    How will I know when the selections are sent?
    You will receive an email update when the mills ship your selections. You will also have tracking number if the mill enters it.